Pacific Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship
Sunday February 26
Rev. David Maynard will deliver a sermon on
Stumbling & Muddling into
Our Senior Years
Perhaps you remember the riddle of the Sphinx? A paraphrase is: "What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs at night?" Perhaps you have also heard an elderly person say "Old age ain't no place for sissies!" attributed to actress Bette Davis. As I remind others often, however, there is only one alternative to aging for us – and that's not as much fun. I'll share thoughts on stumbling, muddling and graceful aging with you.
Religious Education
Do you have an interest in the religious education of the children of our fellowship? Are you a parent, children's volunteer or other interested party who wants to help guide the decisions made around the teaching of our children? Our new Director of Religious Education, Jan Horning, has asked for an advisory task force to give input and direction on behalf of the fellowship as it relates to her efforts and the choice of materials used to educate our children. If you desire to learn more about this opportunity to help in this area, please plan to attend a short informational meeting after the social hour this coming Sunday led by Rev. Kit Ketcham.
Mark your calendar to attend our spring Adopt-A-Road Clean Up event from 10am until noon on Saturday, April 22nd followed by a potluck lunch.